My passion is creating a more just world through inclusive design research.

My 15 years of research experience spans the tech, health & education sectors. My unique UX analytical skills were forged in the digital health ecosystem of Africa. In the US, my projects use design to build strategic alliances among usually oppositional communities.

My insatiable curiosity comes from being denied access to knowledge as a kid growing up in apartheid South Africa. It continues because I want to celebrate the ingenuity of the next billion emergent users in Africa who rejig, adapt & innovate with technology not designed with them in mind, yet remain under-represented in design thinking. I strive to remedy this by asking different questions from differently privileged perspectives. If knowledge is power, it matters who gets to ask the questions that produce knowledge. Inclusive design means paying attention to race, gender, socio-economics, and context from the get-go.

I am a social scientist and hold a PhD in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies from Emory University. My Masters in Social Science (MSocSc) is African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town, and my BA in Political Science is from the University of Notre Dame.